Preparing for Your Pet Sitter

Please have plenty of pet food, medications, collars, leashes, poop bags, potty pads, and litter on hand during pet sitting visits. If medications are needed, please leave written instructions regarding the current medication.

Pets on time-sensitive medications or having other special needs are given priority.

Please notify your vet that we are caring for your pets. Have vet records in an easy-to-find location in case of an emergency. Proof of vaccination, current pet licenses, pet ID, and pet carriers are requested.

If your pet is ill or injured while you are away, we will call you immediately. If you do not respond or cannot be reached, we will attempt to contact your veterinarian. If the vet office is unavailable, closed, or if we are instructed to use a specific animal emergency care provider, we will transport your pet to the provider of choice.

Due to power outages and sensitive garage key pads and door openers, an actual key to a door and be allowed access to your home will be requested.

Please advise in advance if you have changed locks and/or alarm codes so we have an opportunity to obtain new keys and review the alarm with you. Please be sure we have keys to all new doors.

Let us know if any areas of your home are now off limits to your pets. If we find doors closed, we will keep them closed.
Tell us if there are any mechanical or other odd issues with your home that we need to keep an eye on.

Please let us know flight numbers, if applicable, so we can track if you’re delayed and we can plan to continue care for your pets.
We’ll leave a daily notes and ask that you please call us when you return so we know your pets are under your care.

Invest in a lamp timer and, if possible, leave the front light on for your sitter. Light timers are a great way to provide a lived-in look at your home when you are away. You can set the timer to have lights go on from, say, 7:00 to 11:00pm, certainly within the time frame your sitter will be at your house for the evening visit. This is a great idea simply for the security of your home, but it is also extremely helpful for your sitter.